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If we are going to be completely honest with ourselves, we have to confess that many times we do not bother with reading some really important details on the terms and conditions of an online betting site before deciding to sign up. Sure, we might check the rollover conditions of the welcome bonus, but obviously, knowing what applies if a football match is abandoned, certainly doesn’t seem like our top priority at that moment. However, considering that it’s our money on the line, we have to at least know the most basic rules of an online bookmaker.

Welcome bonus conditions

There is a common misconception among bettors, who think that all you have to do in order to claim a first deposit bonus, is simply rollover the required amount a few times on certain odds. Although this might be true for a great number of bookies, there are those who have different requirements and odds. You have to understand how to meet sign up bonus wagering requirements in order to avoid confusion and bitter relationship with your online bookmaker.

For example, they might let you get the bonus in 5 steps, meaning that you will have to rollover the deposited amount 5 times more, sometimes even during extremely small time periods This 5x rollover is the most common requirement, but not the only one. You might also lose the sign up bonus entirely, if you decide to place two separate bets on the same match. Or, in order to get the bonus, you have to place a bet from the money you deposited earlier.

It is highly advised to carefully read the terms & conditions of the welcome bonus before you decide to make your first deposit. To give bookies a credit, most of them are absolutely clear when describing the requirements, so it wouldn’t be difficult for you.

Max win & bet limits

Finding out that you are actually “not allowed” to win as much as you want, can be a deal breaker on many bookies, especially if you like to bet on high stakes. Although there are certain betting sites that specialize on extremely high winning limits, like Pinnacle, you’d do well to know how much you can bet and win, beforehand.

Actually, there’s a huge variety about bookmakers maximum payouts. Most of them change the limits according to the sport, competition or league you’d like to place your bet on. For example, at football’s English Premier League, Spanish Primera Division or UEFA Champions League matches the limits are the highest a bookmaker can afford. In minor and youth league matches or lesser-known sports the limits are essentially lower, in some cases extremely low. If you specialize in this kind of betting, you have to be careful or else you won’t be able to bet as much as you like.

Some online bookies, such as Bovada, provide you with an extremely analytic table of maximum bets per sport or bet type. The bovada betting limits can be used as a compass of each online bookmaker’s policy.

Sportsbook rules

Although it is practically impossible to memorize each and every sports betting rule, you should at least know a few key things, concerning your preferred sports. The procedure of bookmaker verification is different, so you have to fully understand which identity papers you should possess in order to withdraw money from your betting account.

By reading the online bookmakers rules you get valuable information about your bets. For example, you clear out what happens to a bet when a game is postponed or what's the case with an abandoned football match rules. Some bookies take the current result as standing, others consider the bet void. You must know if overtimes counts on match result bets on basketball or what happens in case a tennis player is disqualified. Spending a few minutes of your time to check these out, can prove to be invaluable in the long term.

Account suspended

There are certain terms and conditions that upon being breached, will result to the immediate suspension of your account. The most common include being underage or trying to scam an online bookmaker by using a false identity. However, there are numerous rules that will get you banned, that are unknown to most punters. For example, you might not be able to create two betting accounts through the same IP, or perhaps use a poker platform to transfer funds. Some accounts opened by female players are carefully viewed by the bookies.

Most punters ask which bookies close winning accounts. There’s a lot of discussion about this, and obviously no online bookmaker could ever admit that a certain punter is banned for winning too much. This exists, though, and the bookies could find other excuses for setting lower limits or altogether ban an account.

Sportsbook promotions & features

Loyalty programs, live streaming and freebets are all welcome additions to a bookmaker’s offering, however, knowing beforehand what rules apply can help you choose the best betting site to your liking.

Some bookies might promise frequent promotions through a loyalty program, however they might require that you bet big chunks of money on limited time periods. The same may apply with cashback events and free bets. If for example you were required to bet €500 in order to get a €5, you most probably wouldn’t bother, given that the risk, would greatly outweighs the prize.

Many online bookies use the sporsbook bonus code as a proof of promotions acceptance. Whenever they post a promotion they offer a bonus code for you to place. If you forget to fill in the bonus code, you’ll lose the offer. Don’t forget to look at policies unique to certain bookmakers, such as Betfair first past the post.

Lastly, you should check whether an online bookmaker lets you use the live streaming feature without the need of having at least some money on your balance. Although it may not be a deal breaker, it is surely nice to be able to watch a football match whenever you want.

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