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Anjouan Gaming License

The Comoros Islands are an independent government in the Indian Ocean, located right outside the East African Coast. The capital of this volcanic paradise is Moroni, on the main island. However, the smaller Nzwani island hosts the authority that issues the Anjouan Gaming License.

The appeal for betting companies resembles that of its Curacao counterparts. Instead of the Caribbean surroundings, this board boasts proximity to the exponentially growing markets of Africa and India. It is a fully recognized and autonomous country; Its laws and international businesses are legal worldwide.

In countries that require local permits, the Comoros license can be a backdoor for bettors looking to avoid strict regulations. The websites are met with fewer restrictions and firewalls and offer their services to users in a grey-market approach.

In the first months of 2024, the island has seen an influx of international brands seeking refuge from the ever-growing regulations of other gambling authorities, including the lenient ones. Let's examine the reasons driving the rise of Anjouan offshore betting sites and their pros and cons for players and operators.

How Does The Anjouan Gambling License Affect Players?

BMB_InfoSo what's the difference for you? No matter where you live, you'll be able to access a betting site that welcomes you, provided it holds a Comoros Islands Gambling license. The catch is that you must check if you are breaking your jurisdiction's laws.

If you prefer Curacao brands, you might want to consider these websites. Anjouan is the next hot topic in the gambling industry, attracting hundreds of companies in a few months. Probably, one of the bookmakers you have an account with has already switched to Anjouan.

A company's license tells a lot about its services, mainly regarding customer support and marketing. It is as crucial as a sportsbook's platform since the odds, markets, and promotions a bookmaker gives can be regulated and limited.

Furthermore, you can forecast the measures the authorities will take if you or the bookmaker infringe on the laws. The most minor example is limiting your account with bookies holding Tier-1 licenses for winning too much.

Finally, you are depositing money with a bookmaker, and you must be diligent not to fall for scams or be part of a money laundering scheme. UKGC and MGA licenses are very restrictive on crypto since they are difficult to track, and the transfers are irreversible. This also implies that you will be using your bank account to gamble and must watch out for your credit score.

What are the Responsibilities of the Anjouan Gaming Authorities?

BMB_LicensedAll applicants are required to respect the Comoros Gambling Act and the Money Laundering Prevention Act. These acts' most important rules are meant to prevent underage gambling and criminal or terrorist funding.

The Autonomous Island of Anjouan's primary responsibilities are to issue licenses and perform due diligence before granting operational permits. But the authorities' work doesn't stop there; they are expected to supervise and conduct transparent audits.

The complaints mechanism and its handling are integral to the supervision it should uphold. Although everything points towards the board adopting a hands-off approach like in Curacao, it would not be surprising to see it answering queries to set an example for compliance.

Lastly, the authorities have one crucial task: verifying registered agents to avoid scammers taking advantage of the lax online procedure. A few fake websites are posing as the local finance and gaming boards.

Therefore, investors need explicit and authenticated references from the government itself. Bettors must ensure they send their complaints to the correct email address to avoid giving away sensitive information to fraudsters.

Which Are The Top Anjouan Bookmakers?

BMB_Stacked CoinsMost of the sportsbooks on the list have newly acquired the license. Among those names, you will find some big brands that are already established bookies.

Santeda International's Upgaming brands gave up the Curacao seal. Mystake, Goldenbet, and Donbet have obtained the Anjouan Gaming License, and we have examined their betting offers through and after the switch.

Many aspects stayed the same for bettors regarding sports offerings, features, promotions, and services. The company's address is still registered in Curacao. Ryker B.V. brands Jackbit and Freshbet also opted for the new gaming license, and their sportsbooks haven't changed.
Other companies have joined the list, with some big names like Megapari. It is worth mentioning that the latter underwent some upgrades while still running under Curacao jurisdiction.

Advantages of betting on Anjouan Sportsbooks

After reviewing many operators and trying out their services, the team identified the key advantages in detail. For bookmakers, there is less bureaucracy, cost, and taxation. Now, let’s take a look at the reasons why bettors might choose Anjouan betting sites:

✔ Easy KYC and minimal country restrictions: Due to the bookies' migration, existing accounts did not require extra verification, and new accounts were just as easy to open and bet on. For now, KYC requirements are still flexible.

✔ High Bonuses: The sportsbooks on the list have always offered above-average welcome bonuses to their players. The promo codes on our site remained valid, and new offers were added. It is safe to say that we found some of the best promotional engines on the Anjouan websites.

✔ Higher transaction limits: Compared with the UKGC and MGA bookmakers, the transactions are faster and have higher transaction limits, if any. Crypto is an option for players who want to withdraw large amounts without restrictions and minimal verification.

✔ More payment methods accepted: When depositing and withdrawing on websites like Megapari, you can use international payment processors, e-wallets, local banks, and cryptocurrency. Most payment methods have not restricted these websites, and it is unlikely they will soon.

Drawbacks of Betting on an Anjouan Sportsbook

Just as every coin has two sides, the same reasons that attract some bettors will deter others. The drawbacks of opening an account with a non-Tier-1 website are well-known and are the price to pay when you want to bet off-shore. Here is what you should consider before signing up:

⏩ Reputation still needs to be established: In Anjouan’s case, all the known operators are newly registered. Both the bookmaker and the authorities will have to earn the trust of the players and regulators.

⏩ Arbitrary requirements and no clear penalty regulations: There are no guidelines on the compliance measures the regulator will take when an operator breaches the Gambling and Anti-Money Laundering Acts.

⏩ No Safe Gambling measures: The UKGC laws are known to interfere in teams’ sponsorships and bookmakers’ marketing. These regulations exist to protect players and hold companies responsible for their actions. This will not be the case with Anjouan bookies.

⏩ High risk of bankruptcy: When the required capital, cost, and time to open the company are minimal, and there are no transaction and betting limits, casinos and sportsbooks can be liquidated quickly. Without insurance measures in place, depositors could lose their money.

Why are Gambling Sites Opting For an Anjouan License? 

There are many reasons why more and more bookmakers have the interactive site seal of Anjouan. The first driver started in Europe, as the Dutch government pressured Curacao to increase its compliance efforts with safe gambling laws.

Although this could benefit the Caribbean country’s license, many operators are not willing to undergo the strict requirements that are coming. On the one hand, online casinos and sportsbooks will incur higher costs and be subject to more scrutiny to obtain the permit.

On the other hand, as the company develops compliant marketing techniques, players will have to accept higher betting limits and less exciting promotions. Casinos and bookmakers will likely lose most of their user bases without an alternative.

Fortunately, there is a solution that provides similar services with less time and capital. The Anjouan Gaming License cost is considerably lower, and the application process is straightforward.

If the 0% tax on gross gaming revenue and VAT were not enough, betting companies could choose to have an address anywhere in the world. The whole process can be done online, and there is no need to travel to the Comoros.

Can you trust a bookie with Anjouan Gambling License?

BMB_SecurityOur team insists that Tier-1 and locally licensed betting websites are always the safest choice for players. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider offshore companies. Bettors must understand what they are looking for and what suits them best.

In conclusion, there have been no noticeable changes on the user’s side. These bookmakers must be approached like their Curacao counterparts in recent years. We will not be expecting strict KYC and restrictions from these brands.

We count on high odds, unrestricted promotions, worldwide acceptance, and crypto payments to remain the most attractive elements for bettors. However, it would be wise not to have high hopes in case you have an unresolved issue with the gambling site. We anticipate higher bonus rollover and decreased accountability in all matters, although there has been no evidence of this so far.

The last endorsement we can offer comes from the fact that some of the biggest brands have migrated to Anjouan licenses. Although it is a new authority in gambling, it has a lot of potential. The backing it received from the brands it licensed helps us give a favourable verdict overall.

Full list of Betting Sites that have the Anjouan Gambling License

Q: What is the Anjouan Gaming License?

It is the authority responsible for issuing B2B and B2C gambling licenses for international online operators. The Comoros Union and Anjouan are an autonomous country with recognized authority worldwide, providing licensees with legitimacy.

Q: Why are betting sites choosing the Comoros as a regulatory authority?

The cost for the application and first-year fees are estimated at $/€17,000 to $/€20,000. Companies can obtain it quickly, and the whole process can be done remotely. Also, the country has a strategic location between the growing markets of India and Africa.

Q: Are the Anjouan bookmakers safe?

The bookmakers on our list that opted for this operating permit are tested and established brands that have received our endorsement through and through. However, we cannot speak of all the brands that obtained the license, especially at these early stages.

Q: What is the difference between the Curacao and the Comoros Gambling Authorities?

Curacao has been a long-standing authority in this industry, and this has garnered the license both positive and negative feedback. Anjouan is a new player in the game and has much to prove. On the other hand, it can benefit from the lessons learned in Curacao since it is its main rival.

Q: What do you need to open an Anjouan Gambling Site?

Visit the board's official website for a detailed description of the needed documentation. Generally, you must declare your intention and apply by email. Then, designate a licensed agent as a business representative. After receiving the approval, you must open a bank account and register your payment processor.

Q: Do Anjouan betting websites conduct age verification checks?

The minimal KYC required to withdraw your funds usually includes a valid ID and photo verification. In case of suspicion, users might be required to perform further verification. We didn’t face any stringent requirements in our tests of these websites.

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