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How Does Tennis Outright Betting Work?

When you think of betting on tennis, markets including match winner, totals, handicaps and combos are likely to spring to mind. However, tennis outright betting, such as picking the winner of the men’s US Open or Women’s Wimbledon title, is increasingly popular.

Online bookmakers now offer different variations on this market, which we will discuss in more detail on this page. Our guide will also show you the key rules tied to this form of betting and outline how to place an each-way tennis bet. Let’s find out more.

Tennis Antepost Betting Explained [With Examples]

BMB_Best IconAntepost markets are introduced well in advance of the sporting event in question. For example, you could bet on the men’s US Open winner before the draw has even been confirmed. This is the most popular form of tennis futures betting, given the value that is often found. The following are some examples, including their odds from leading tennis tournaments:

Novak Djokovic to win the men’s Wimbledon title @2.75 (7/4)
Iga Swiatek to win the women’s French Open title @2.00 (1/1)
Daniil Medvedev to win the men’s US Open title @8.00 (7/1)

Antepost markets do not only surround Grand Slams. You can bet on the ATP Finals in Turin, as well as tennis from the Olympics.

How Many Variations Exist?

BMB_StatsOutright betting on tennis does not only mean backing an individual player to win a specific tournament. There are a host of variants, which we have outlined below:

  • 1
    Win the Tournament: This is the most common market for tennis antepost betting. Bets are placed on which player will win the title.
  • 2
    Reach the Final: With many bookies, it is possible to bet on a player to reach the final of a tennis tournament. How they perform in the final is irrelevant. Your bet will win if your selection is one of the only two remaining.
  • 3
    Reach the Semi-Finals: While the odds will not be as appealing, you can also bet on a player to reach the last four of an upcoming tennis event. Whether they go on to reach the final or win the tournament is unimportant.
  • 4
    To Win the Bracket: When the draw is made ahead of a tennis tournament, different brackets feature. As such, you can bet on the player who will make it through from the bracket in question.
  • 5
    Win Without Losing a Set: Emma Raducanu won the 2021 US Open without losing a set. It is possible to bet on another player to repeat this trick in selected tournaments.

What Are the Tennis Outright Betting Rules?

BMB_ListBefore getting started, it is important to understand the rules surrounding tennis outright betting. Firstly, how are such bets settled? Your bet will only win if your chosen player achieves what you predicted them to do.

Each bookie will have tennis betting rules in place. For example, if your selection retires from a match due to injury or is disqualified, you may earn your stake back.

You may also find that the useful cash out feature is available to use on such bets. For example, if you have backed Carlos Alcaraz to win the French Open and he has made it to the semi-finals, you could cash out early in order to lock in a profit.

Which Are the Best Bookies for Tennis Futures Betting?

The majority of bookies now offer tennis antepost betting markets. Below, we have listed the top ones. When choosing between available bookies, we considered odds, cash out features, tennis coverage, and more.

How Does Each-Way Betting Work in Tennis?

BMB_Markets GenericWith each-way betting, you are effectively placing two bets. The first goes on the player in question to win the tournament. The second is placed on the same player's placing. The stake required doubles. However, a tennis each-way bet gives you a greater chance of winning, limiting the risk involved. The top bookies also offer competitive odds for outsiders in particular.

However, if you place losing each way bets, the losses can quickly grow. Each way betting on tennis is also not a good strategy if you are looking to bet on the top tennis players from the men’s and women’s games.

How to Place an Each-Way Tennis Bet

Now that you understand how each-way tennis bets work, it is time to discuss how to place such a wager. The following is a step-by-step guide to follow:

  • 1
    Enter your chosen betting site.
  • 2
    Select “Tennis”.
  • 3
    Browse available markets and select a particular player.
  • 4
    Select the “Each-Way” option on your bet slip and enter your stake for both bets.
  • 5
    Confirm the bet.

How to Create a Tennis Outright Betting Strategy

BMB_TrophyWith antepost tennis betting not coming with any guarantees, it is important to have a system in place. When creating a winning strategy, you must consider the following factors:

🔝 Men’s vs Women’s Tournaments - In the men’s game, there are fewer surprise results. As such, the top players often dominate tournaments. Things are more even in women’s tennis, meaning that you can potentially find better value.

🔝 Check the Draw - If you can, wait until the draw is made. This will give you a much better idea of which players may make the latter stages of the tournament. When completing this step, also look at the seedings.

🔝 Take Surface Into Account - Is the tournament held on clay, hard, indoor or grass courts? This will impact which players you bet on. This is because some players are better suited to a particular surface. For example, Rafa Nadal dominated the French Open over the years due to his skills on clay.

🔝 Look Past the Grand Slams - How has a potential pick performed at the event in the past? If a player has reached the final or even won the tournament already, they stand a good chance of doing well again.

Full List of Bookmakers for Tennis Outright Betting

Still unsure of the best bookmaker for tennis outright betting, then be sure to check out the brands listed below:

Q: How does tennis outright betting work?

With tennis outright betting, you are wagering on a longer-term outcome. For example, a particular player to win a Grand Slam. Outright markets are added up to 12 months in advance, with odds changing the closer the event gets.

Q: How many variations exist?

There are now a number of variations of tennis outright betting. The most common is outright tournament winner. However, you can also find to reach the final, to reach the semi-finals, to win the bracket, and to win a tournament without losing a set.

Q: Which are the best bookmakers for tennis antepost betting?

A whole host of bookies now offer antepost betting on tennis. However, some stand out, like Powbet and Campeonbet. They offer top odds, excellent tennis coverage and additional features.

Q: Are there any rules I should know?

Yes. There are some rules that you should be aware of before placing any outright tennis bets. Be sure that you understand exactly how bets are settled, particularly in the event of an injury or disqualification.

Q: How does each way betting work in tennis?

With each way betting, you will wager on a player to win the tournament in question, while also betting on them to reach the final, semi-final, or another possible outcome. However, you will require double the stake.

Q: How can I form a profitable strategy?

It is worthwhile forming a strategy before placing any outright bets on tennis. Be sure to consider the court surface, previous tournament performances, and the draw when finalising wagers.

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