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How To Win From Tennis Doubles Betting

Many tennis bettors will focus on singles matches. However, doubles matches involving four players, two on each side of the net, are increasingly popular. Not only that but the court is also used to its full extent.

If you are looking for betting value in this type of match, there are certain parameters you must consider. These are the ranking of the pairing, as well as the surface of the court, their recent results and other factors.

On this page, you will find out exactly how tennis doubles betting works. This will include our top tips to be successful, along with the best bookies for this type of betting and important rules to look out for.

Which Tennis Doubles Betting Tips Should I Follow?

BMB_Best IconWhen betting on doubles, you will find many of the same markets as offered on singles matches. For example, you could back Rajeev Ram and Joe Salisbury to win the US Open at odds of 1.70. Let’s suggest that your stake is $10.

Should the pair come out on top in New York, you would earn total returns of $17, $7 of which would be profit. Below, we will deliver our top tennis doubles betting tips, designed to boost your chances of picking winners:

Avoid backing big names

BMB_Number_OneIn order to recapture their best form after injury or team up with a close friend on tour, some of the leading players like Tsitsipas will occasionally compete in doubles events. While it may be tempting, avoid betting on them. Top singles players rarely achieve the same success in a pair.

Check the players’ rating

BMB_Number_TwoWhere is a potential pick in the doubles rankings? Pairings will have a joint rating based on their previous results. Upon a change being made to a pairing, the rating will return to 0. So, look out for two players who have experience of playing together.

Pay attention to teamwork

BMB_Number_ThreeIt takes time for players to gel. For those with knowledge of tennis, it quickly becomes apparent as to which pairing works better as a team. For instance, the legendary Bryan Brothers’ career win percentage was an astonishing 75.53%.

Surface is still important

BMB_Number_FourAs with all forms of tennis, court surface is important. For example, the Marcel Granollers and Horacio Zeballos team is one of the best pairings on clay, given that they both grew up playing on this surface.

Check the tournament format

Number 5Doubles matches often differ from singles matches in terms of their format. For example, one point will be played to decide the winner of the game when the score reaches deuce (40-40). Elsewhere, a championship tiebreak up to 10 points may well take place at 1-1 in sets.

Bookies with top tennis odds

BMB_Number_SixA must on how to bet on tennis is to take advantage of the best odds. So, compare prices between available bookies before confirming any wager. We have provided a list of the top bookies for tennis doubles betting below:

Is it More Profitable from Singles Betting?

BMB_BankrollDoubles is a different game from singles, with the former mostly being competed in by specialist players. Players are generally strong at the net, while a lot of strategy is involved. While singles matches feature heavily on sportsbooks, doubles betting in tennis is more niche. The following are some of the areas in which the two match types differ:

⏩ Odds: Prices offered by bookies on doubles matches are often lower due to the fact that singles tennis is more popular. The average payout for singles sits at 94%, compared to 92% for pre-match doubles markets.

⏩ Markets: You should expect to find fewer tennis betting markets surrounding doubles tennis when compared to singles. While ATP 1000 singles matches generally come with 20+ pre-match markets, with doubles, this decreases to fewer than 10.

⏩ More Challenging: Betting on doubles is arguably more difficult, given the number of additional factors that punters must consider. There are four players involved, who are often not well-known.

⏩ Rules: Do tennis betting rules for doubles differ from singles? Yes, they are. In fact, they can be more favourable, like in the case of the 10-point super tiebreak. Be sure that you understand how bookies settle bets on doubles matches before starting.

Full List of Tennis Bookmakers

Q: How does tennis doubles betting work?

Betting on doubles works pretty much in the same way as tennis singles. You will find fewer markets, though, with bets being placed on a particular pairing to win a match or entire tournament. Also, doubles matches often involve championship tiebreaks and other alternative rules.

Q: Is it easy to pick a pair to win?

Unfortunately, doubles betting is often more difficult than wagering on singles matches. This is because there are more players involved, with pairings often changing too. To avoid surprises, make sure to pick established pairs.

Q: Should I avoid betting on top singles players playing in doubles?

Good singles players might not do as well in doubles since the tactics and skills needed are different. Therefore, prioritizing players with a solid doubles track record or who specialise in the game is preferable.

Q: Which are the best bookies for tennis doubles bets?

Most of the best online bookmakers accept bets on doubles matches. However, factors such as odds, available markets, bonuses and extra features are why we have recommended the brands that feature on this page.

Q: How can I create a winning system?

You are not guaranteed to make money when betting on doubles matches and tournaments. However, you can maximize your chances of beating the bookies by looking into the ranking of pairings, the surface of the court and other key factors.

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