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live streamingLive streaming is arguably one of the best features that online bookmakers have ever implemented. It allows you to watch live action from countless sports events taking place every day, in high definition quality. Although this idea had been around since the dawn of online betting, it wasn’t until the middle of the past decade that the first bookmakers decided to to spice up their live betting offering. Nowadays, most major online betting sites offer live streaming, where thousands of in play events are covered each year.

What makes live streaming so popular?

First and foremost, every bettor loves to watch the sporting events he is punting on. Regardless of your age, nationality or betting experience, before you took the decision to place your very first sports wager, you were already a fan of the sport. Live streaming allows every bettor and sports lover, to enjoy live action from some of the top competitions in the world, completely free.

Live video feed also lets you improve your chances while betting on in play events. Whatever story the stats, recent form, or difference in team's strength might tell you, it all comes down to how the teams will actually perform on the pitch. Being able to precisely watch each side’s performance, allows you to draw more accurate conclusions regarding where you should put your money on.

During the last years there has also been a new entrance on the classic Live Football Streaming feature, called the Multi-LIVE also known as 1xbet live streaming. Although only a few betting sites, currently offer it, many bookmakers are likely to follow, due to its increasing popularity. What Multi Live does, is it basically allows you to watch and bet on multiple events simultaneously, by utilizing the Fast Bet feature.

Top 3 bookmakers with live streaming


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How to utilize live streaming while betting

  • Find profitable opportunities. Sometimes bookmakers will make certain mistakes and offer higher odds than they should have. For example, they might stick to a pre match estimation of a match, even if an underdog is performing better than the favorite. Or, they might offer profitable odds on a goal being scored in the closing stages of a match, when two specific teams desperately need a goal. Live streaming allows you to see how the match unfolds and strike when the moment is right.

  • Get to know a team. Betting is all about expertise, as the more matches you watch from a small number of competitions, the better your understanding becomes. If you decide to stick to only a couple of teams, you can watch exactly how they perform, at home, on the road, against bigger or smaller opponents.

  • Understand what is happening on the pitch. There are countless things taking place every second of a match, that you really wouldn’t know, unless you saw them with your own eyes. A team might be playing too aggressively, thus risking a red card, or perhaps a quality goalkeeper might become injured. Nine times out of ten, a bookie will not risk altering his odds accordingly, thus adding some real value on these odds.

Which sports can you watch?

1xbetPretty much every major sport can be watched through live streaming, provided that your betting site offers such a service. The most common include football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, horse racing and American football.

The Europa League, German Bundesliga 1 & 2, Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A, are predominantly found on most bookies. Additionally, selected events from English football, such as cup matches and top events from the Championship are frequently available as well. Other developing leagues, such as the Chinese Super League, the Indian Super League and various Scandinavian Leagues can also be enjoyed on most betting sites.

All the events from the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Euroleague can also be found, as most betting companies usually possess streaming rights. You can also watch live action from Grand Slam events on tennis and enjoy the fast paced battles of the National Hockey League (NHL). The latest addition, are e-sports, that have made an impressive entry on most major bookmakers’ sportsbooks. Finally, you can watch a great number of horse races, provided that you place a wager on the selected race.

What is required to watch a live event?

First of all you must have an active account at an online bookmaker that offers live streaming. Following that, you should check whether this betting site offers streamed events without the need of a deposit or if it is required that you have some money on your balance.

A good internet connection is also key to watching a live match without lags or glitches. Thankfully, live streaming can be accessed from your personal computer and any mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. Finally, make sure that you have the latest version of the Adobe flash player installed, as live video is usually encoded through this software.

Betting sites with live streaming

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