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Best Live Streaming Betting Sites

Bookmakers that provide Live Streaming combine the best services that both beginners and advanced bettors want. Watching an event while betting on it creates a captivating experience and increases potential winnings. With a minimum of €5-10 deposit or merely by just keeping a positive balance, elite tournaments like the NBA or the German Bundesliga can be on your screen.

Watching and betting on the same platform as well as enjoying mobile options like a full-screen view, are critical parameters when choosing the best Live Streaming betting sites. Read on to examine the key factors to check before opening an account and why it is essential to prefer online bookmakers with an official live stream license, such as Bet365 Live Stream, rather than a random pirate stream.

List of Βetting Sites with Live Streaming

BMB_Best IconThe decision to choose among bookmakers with streaming services is not so easy. We have done comprehensive research, evaluating points like the time delay and mobile user experience. Discover the best betting sites with Live Streaming based on the available sports and competitions.

How to Choose the Best Bet Live Stream Bookies

BMB_SecurityΤhere are specific criteria that you need to consider before choosing among the best sports streaming sites to watch and bet. Read on to find out how to use the services with a minimum deposit and the shortest time delay based on the available sports and competitions.

Sports & Competitions

BMB_Sports_GenericLive Streaming on betting sites applies to a vast range of sports, tournaments, and matches depending on the bettors’ preferences and geo-restrictions. You can watch and bet popular soccer domestic leagues like the German Bundesliga and Spanish La Liga. Moreover, you can choose among the best bookmakers for tennis and enjoy Grand Slams; it allows you, also, the access to the NBA and other American sports. If you register on many Live Streaming betting sites, you can find a wide variety of live streams and bet on sporting events from Snooker, Golf, Cricket, and Darts.

On-screen odds for in-play markets

BMB_Place_A_BetSome of the best sports streaming sites for online betting allow players to watch the match on an integrated platform, review live odds changes and place their bets. Creating a full-match container with all useful data for bettors enhances the live betting experience.

Minimum account balance

BMB_Stacked CoinsYour account should maintain a positive balance to have the service available, or you must have placed a bet in the last 24 hours before the match kick-off. You can rarely watch for free; generally, a minimum deposit is needed. So, that is a fundamental criterion to decide what bookmaker to choose. Horse & Greyhound Racing fans have more options for Live Streaming sites, merely placing a bet of at least €0.50 win or €0.25 each way to watch a race.

Integrated & full-screen view

BMB_Mobile_AppsWatching and betting in a pop-out window offers a bigger screen but is preferable for players that know what pre-match bets they want to place. The integrated screen view tends to be smaller, but it’s easier for live betting. Bettors can have full access to information and services such as live video, real-time odds, stats, and graphics on the same page. The best sports streaming sites also offer mobile apps, with full access to high-visual quality services and a full-screen view from smartphones and tablets, as you can check on our 20bet review.

Short-time delay

BMB_Date_Time_IconTime delay is a crucial factor for checking your time management in live betting. The usual delay is between 20 and 30 seconds due to streaming technical reasons. The additional time delay to place an in-play bet is around 10 seconds. That means the total delay can be from 30 to 40 seconds. Therefore, it is a significant benefit for Live Streaming betting sites to have a small time delay.

Requirements to use betting sites with Live Streaming

BMB_LegalBy opening and verifying the account, you have made the first step to watch sports events. When you add some funds and maintain a positive balance, you have fulfilled the second primary requirement. You will need to ensure that your 4G or 5G broadbands are available or have an internet connection that can at least run a low-resolution stream. Bettors should also note that they need to have a device or desktop with a Flash or HTML5-based system. If your device doesn’t have a pre-loaded Flash player, you may need to have a Flash plugin installed on your browser.

How to use Live Streaming on a Bookmaker

BMB_ACCA_BetSome important points should be noted and considered for players who want to watch and bet on the same bookie. Firstly, you should read the Terms & Conditions to determine which events you can enjoy the services and if a minimum deposit is required. Before you register, check our live betting tips and find out all the available devices on which you can watch an event. In some Live Streaming betting sites, the service can only be provided on the device you have placed the bet on. When you have completed your first deposit, you can select the live video service and choose the event you intend to watch by clicking on the offered options by time or date.

Why Watch & Bet on Live Streaming Betting Sites

BMB_Book SpyΟpening accounts on different online betting sites allow you to enjoy a wide range of different sports video streams. At the same time, if you have made a minimum deposit or a low-positive balance, you secure access to major tournaments without paying cable TV or pay-per-view subscriptions. So, it’s undoubtedly cheaper, safer, and more convenient but, more importantly, absolutely legal.

All the best Live Streaming betting sites follow the broadcasting regulations and pay a lot of money to acquire the services. Betting on a short delay of time from 10 to 30 seconds and a quality view integrated screen might be a powerful weapon for you to win. You can place in-play wagers for quarter bets in basketball or build a last goal scorer betting strategy in football more easily on the same platform; accessing real-time odds and information on the same screen. That helps you make informed decisions by using detailed stats and graphics and enjoy live commentary.

This service is essential when betting on fast markets like the next goal, card, or corner because you know where the ball is almost at the exact moment. Finally, you avoid annoying advertisements from random pirate streams with a long-time delay. Their systems often confront breakdowns, which is very frustrating for the users.

Q: What is a Multi-Live Video feature on bookmakers?

Some online bookmakers offer a multi-view feature called Multi-Live Video, where bettors can create their own page by adding some online events and place bets on all of them simultaneously. This service allows you to view up to four online events at the same time. So, bettors don’t need to switch from one screen to another.

Q: Is Live Streaming on betting sites free?

Bettors can indeed watch a wide range of sports for free on top online bookmakers with no minimum deposit. However, in most cases, must have a registered account with a positive balance. In the UK and Ireland, nearly all betting sites require a bet placed with a minimum stake of £2.

Q: Does betting sites host live streams match commentary available?

Leading bookmakers with Live Streaming offer comprehensive and detailed match commentary in multiple languages (mostly in English). German Bundesliga and Greyhounds races are sporting events where bettors could enjoy live commentary more often.

Q: Ιs Live Streaming safe and legal?

The online betting sites protect bettors from illegal activities by offering advanced safety on their apps. All reputable and well-known Live Streaming bookmakers secure all the broadcasting rights by obeying the law.

Q: Are there some specific restrictions for placing a Horse Racing or Greyhounds bet and watching the race?

Most bookmakers providing Live Streaming services for Horse Racing or Greyhounds have two specific restrictions to offer the services. Firstly, you should set your bet on the same day to watch the race. The minimum stake should also be at least €0.50 win or €0.25 each-way win on selection.

Q: How can a bettor achieve a smooth live stream on a betting site?

A modern handset with a good 4G or WIFI connection is a top requirement to enjoy bettors streaming on a bookie without interruption, having any Apple device, such as Android 4.3 or above.

Q: Are all sports events live-streamed on a betting site?

Online bookmakers with the service have geographical restrictions that bettors should check before registering an account. Broadcasting rights will differ among countries with Local TV networks pay for the top-level sports events’ exclusivity. So, such live streams from bookmakers will not be available.

Q: Why isn’t the English Premier League available to watch on betting sites?

You will never find a bookmaker available for live streaming for some high-level tournaments like the English Premier in soccer because of the strict exclusive rights over the broadcasting not only for the UK and Ireland but also in all countries.

Q: Which Darts and Golf tournaments players can watch on bookmakers with Live Streaming?

The World Championship, Austrian Open, and other PDC European Tour Darts tournaments are available for streaming on many bookmakers. Golf fans can watch and bet on elite tournaments like PGA Championship, the US Masters, and Wells Fargo.

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