How Top Bowler Betting Works In Cricket

There is nothing quite like a fast bowler ripping out a middle stump or a spin bowler getting their opponent out LBW. The best bowlers make all the difference, with this now being a betting market offered by selected online bookmakers.

Top bowler betting involves wagering on the player that you think will take the most wickets. This could be during a single game or over an entire series. On this page, you can see exactly how this type of wagering works. This will include the rules to consider, as well as our expert tips.

How to Bet on the Top Bowler

You should now have a grasp of how this selection works. It is now time to look at how to pick successfully. The points below will boost your chances of being successful in this cricket market:

✔️ Final lineups - It is advisable to wait until the official match team lineups have been announced before betting. It could be that a potential pick ultimately misses out due to injury or poor form. With some bookies, you could possibly lose money, even if your selection does not feature in the game.

✔️ Pitch report - Be sure to look at the pitch report before betting, too. Here, you can find useful information regarding the wicket and outfield. For example, spin bowlers are better suited to a dusty, dry wicket.

✔️ Weather conditions - The weather conditions can also impact which bowlers take the most wickets. For example, fast bowlers will find it easier to get the ball to move in the air in overcast conditions. When betting on a Test match, look at the weather forecast over the full five days.

✔️ Opposition bowler - Before confirming any selection, consider the other bowlers who are likely to play. This will be on the same team, as well as from the opposition. There may well be a bowler who is better suited to the conditions or is in particularly good form with the ball in hand.

✔️ Strike rate - In cricketing terms, strike rate refers to the average number of balls bowled for wickets taken. This is a useful statistic for bettors, along with bowling average, which is the number of runs conceded per wicket taken.

✔️ Home vs. away record - How does a bowler perform on home soil compared with when playing on the road. This may well impact your decision, with some players saving their best for their home supporters.

Which Are the Top Sites to Bet on the Top Bowler?

BMB_TrophyYou should note that you will not find top bowler markets with all bookies. Therefore, we have looked at all available options in order to recommend only the very best sites. When testing bookies, we take into account a number of factors.

In order to impress, they must offer high odds while offering pre-match and in-play cricket betting markets. In some cases, you will also find extra features, such as live streaming, cash out, and request a bet.

Live streaming makes it entertaining and easier to follow your top bowler selections on desktop or mobile. Meanwhile, cash out can be used to settle your bets early. Request-a-bet, offered by selected bookies, allows you to customize your bet as you wish.

You will find our favourite top bowler betting sites listed below:

What Are the Variations of Betting on the Top Bowler?

BMB_Cricket IconWhile a bet on the top bowler just means which player will take the most number of wickets, there are some variations of this market to look out for. In most cases, bets will be placed on the opening bowler, given that they have been chosen to take on the batsmen due to the conditions and other factors.

However, the format of the match will also impact your selection. For example, in a Test match, bowlers require regular breaks in order to ensure that they do not tire too quickly. As such, who opens the bowling is perhaps not so important.

This is compared to a One Day game, where bowlers can only bowl a limited number of overs each. Below, we take a closer look at the most common top bowler betting markets found online today:

Entire Series - Rather than on a specific game, you may choose to bet on which bowler will take the most wickets during a series. For example, Pat Cummins when Australia face England in The Ashes.

Individual Match - The most common market is based on a single match. As such, you do not need to wait as long to determine whether your bet wins or loses. For instance, you could back Mohammed Siraj to be the top bowler when India hosts Sri Lanka in the Cricket World Cup.

Separate Innings - With some cricket bookies, you may also have the option to bet on which bowler will take the most wickets in a single innings. This will be reserved for Test matches, where each team bats twice.

Head-to-Head - Top bowler H2H markets are available too. Here, you are simply betting on which of two bowlers will take the most wickets in a game. For example, Jimmy Anderson to take more wickets than South Africa’s Marco Jansen.

How Are Bets on the Top Wicket Taker Settled?

BMB_Stacked CoinsBefore partaking in betting on the top bowler, it is vital that you fully understand the rules surrounding this market. Below, we look at some of the terms and conditions to consider, which may impact how your bet is settled:

⏩ Dead Heat rules - What happens if two bowlers take the same number of wickets? This depends on the bookie in question. Some will settle your bet as a win, while others may offer a refund. However, other bookies are not quite so kind, with your stake counted as lost.

⏩ Minimum number of overs - In the event of a cricket match not being completed or overs being limited, it may be that your bet is declared void. In this instance, you would get your money back. However, most bookies will state in their T&Cs that your bet will be settled as normal if a certain number of overs are bowled.

⏩ Player does not bowl - Ensuring that a potential top bowler pick will play is really up to you. This is because you will lose your stake, even if your selection does bowl a single ball.

⏩ The player injured before/after the game - Similarly, should your pick gets an injury before or during the game, you will most likely lose your stake, too.

Alternative Markets to Consider

If you can’t pick a bowler to back or find odds on this option, you don’t need to worry. Online bookies come with a wide range of alternatives, which is why we have posted detailed guides on the top ones:

Top Batsman Betting in Cricket
Cricket Spread Betting Explained

Full List of Bookmakers with Wicket Odds

Q: How does top bowler betting work?

The top bowler cricket market is easy to understand. Bets are placed on which player you believe will pick up the greatest number of wickets during an innings, match or series.

Q: How should I pick a player to back?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a bowler. Weather conditions, the pitch report, opposition and form are worth looking into, along with the bowler’s strike rate.

Q: How to bet on the top bowler and win money?

Top bowler betting is available with some of the leading online bookies. Follow the tips on this page to boost your chances of winning.

Q: Can I find any spreads?

You may be able to spread betting markets surrounding top bowlers. However, this market is more commonly associated with fixed-odds betting

Q: Are there any rules I should know about?

Before placing this type of cricket bet, look at the rules surrounding how wagers are settled. Specifically, consider dead heat, minimum overs and injuries in the terms and conditions.

Q: Who is currently the top bowler?

Some bowlers stand out for their wicket-taking ability. The likes of Shaheen Afridi, Josh Hazelwood, Mohammed Siraj and Ravichandran Ashwin are all rated highly by the ICC.

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