How Top Batsman Betting Works In Cricket

Batsmen are the cornerstones of any cricket match, as their hits are definitive for the final result. It is no surprise that players like Viral Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Babar Azam and Kane Williamson have a strong fanbase all over the world. These days, you can even engage in top batsman betting, where essentially, you must pick which player will score the most runs in the game.

Of course, this is not the only variation, as you can choose the top performer in a series or even in a whole tournament like the World Cup or the IPL. On this page, you can see step-by-step how this market works and what rules are tied to it, along with our top insights to make successful picks.

How to Bet on the Top Batsman

Betting on the top batsman is increasingly popular. When placing such bets, there are a number of factors to consider. The points below will boost your chances of making money from this market:

✔️ Season vs Career stats - Be sure to take a close look at relevant statistics surrounding batsmen. Consider their total runs, batting average and run rate over their career, as well as the current season. For example, England’s Joe Root has been ranked in the top 5 in the ICC Test rankings for the last three years.

✔️ Batting Positions - Which position will a potential pick enter the field at. Some batsmen consistently open the batting, while others will change their position based on the opposition, scoreline and wicket. Australia’s David Warner has opened the batting for many years, making him a good option for bettors.

✔️ Head-to-head history - Before confirming a top batsman bet, look into the opposition team. Look at the recent results between the two teams, as well as how the player in question has performed against their bowlers.

✔️ Game format - Top batsman betting markets surround Test, One Day and T20 cricket games. The format of the game is important to consider, too. Batsmen will look to score quicker in One Day and T20 games while taking their time to get in during Test matches.

✔️ Pitch conditions - How conducive is the pitch to run scoring? Do the weather conditions suit swing bowling? Clear skies will often suit batting, with a wet outfield also making it difficult for the fielding team. Be sure to look into the pitch and weather conditions before placing a top batsman bet.

✔️ Opposition Bowler - Some batsmen struggle against certain bowlers while having the upper hand on others. Using Warner as an example again, the Aussie opener often found things difficult against England’s Stuart Broad. So, look at how many runs a potential pick has scored against the opponent in question in the past.

Which Bookies Offer Top Batsman Betting Odds?

BMB_Stacked Coins

The following are our top-ranked bookies for wagering on the top batsman. Before recommending bookies, we underwent strict testing, with odds, available cricket betting markets, cash-out options, and promotions being among the most important factors.

Ideally, you should be able to place pre-match and in-play top batsman bets while also having the option to cash out, given that cricket games can last a number of days.

Betting on the Top Batsman: How Many Types Exist?

BMB_Cricket IconWhen it comes to cricket, a bet on the top batsman is one of the simplest to understand. With this market, you are wagering on which player will score the highest number of runs during the game.

Available on all formats of the game, Test, One Day and T20, bookies cover both international and domestic matches too. In selected sportsbooks, there are also top batsman variants to take advantage of.

These include head-to-head, where you bet on which of two selected players will score the most runs. It is also possible to find cricket betting odds on who the top batsman will be over the course of an entire series, like The Ashes. 

How Do Online Bookies Settle Wagers on Top Batsman?

Before betting on the top batsman in cricket, it is important to understand how bookies settle this type of wager. The following are the main points to consider:

⏩ Dead Heat rules: What happens if two players score the same number of runs? In some cases, your stake will be refunded, while other cricket bookies will still settle your bet as a win. Look at the terms and conditions before signing up and placing bets.

⏩ Player injured before/during the game: Injuries are occasionally picked up during cricket games. So, what happens if your pick does not play or suffers an injury on field? If your selected batsman is unavailable due to injury, you will likely receive a refund. However, depending on the bookie, an in-game injury may result in your bet losing.

⏩ Minimum number of overs: How many overs were played? In poor conditions, it could be that a game is limited in terms of the number of overs completed. Does this impact your bet? It is likely that at least a specific number of overs must be played in order for your bet to remain active.

Alternative Markets to Consider

If you don’t feel this option is for you, you can choose from a host of alternatives. Our guides cover a number of markets. Feel free to browse some of the top ones below:

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Bookmakers that Offer High Prices on the Market

Q: How does Top Batsman betting work?

The Top Batsman is one of the many cricket betting markets offered by bookies today. It simply involves bettors selecting the individual player that they believe will score the highest number of runs. This can be over a single game or an entire series/competition.

Q: Who is the best batsman to bet on right now?

When it comes to batting, some players stand out. Kohli, Root, Williamson, Azam, Smith and Yadav are among the best, consistently scoring runs in different formats of the game.

Q: How to bet on the Top Batsman effectively?

In order to be successful when betting on this market, there are a number of factors to consider. These include the opposition, weather conditions, form and the format of the game.

Q: Can I wager on handicaps?

Cricket handicaps are available with the majority of bookies. However, you will not find top batsman handicaps, with this being a very simple market.

Q: Are there any rules tied to the market?

As with any betting market, there are some additional rules surrounding Top Batsman. You must consider dead heat, injuries and number of overs, with the small print varying between bookies.

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