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How To Place Basketball Prop Bets & Win

Proposition bets are increasingly popular among bettors, especially in stat-based sports like Basketball. Do you want to make money without necessarily predicting the final result of a game? Bookies offer prices for Basketball Prop bets on various player and team stats and performance scenarios.

If you analyze players’ statistics for points, assists, or rebounds in-depth, you can wager Over or Under on the offered lines and earn a profit. However, you might find it easier to predict the outcome of a game than whether a star player will score more than 21.5 points or less.

By reading our guide, you can learn to read the odds meticulously. We also suggest the best Props for main and secondary stat-based picks and locate the top bookies to place your wagers. If you want to build a stellar strategy on Basketball Props, delve deep into our guide and take the first baby steps to make it.

What is a Basketball Prop Bet?

BMB_Basketball BallA Basketball Prop bet can be placed on various types. However, the primary two are Player and Team Props. It’s a wager on the statistical performance of teams and players beyond the standard Moneylines, Handicaps, and Totals. Props focus on individual players/teams’ performances and have nothing to do with the final result.

A straightforward, intuitive example comes from a player’s Prop. If you want to bet on some LeBron James propositions for the upcoming Los Angeles Lakers match, the Basketball bookmakers will likely offer a wide range of markers available. They may put hits points line at Over/Under 27.5, his rebounds at Over/Under 6.5, and his assists at Over/Under 5.5.

In the example above, you can wager on a line to be around 39.5 points, rebounds, plus assists combined. Remember, you can find the top Basketball Props with the most juicy odds in elite tournaments, such as the NBA, NCAA, WNBA, Euroleague, and EuroCup.

Which Are The Main Markets for Basketball Player Props

BMB_Best IconNavigating the multitude of Prop betting options can be tough but inspirational. That’s why we introduce all the main markets for your Basketball player Props; our target is to empower your opportunities by scanning in the bet type and discovering winning alternatives for your wagers. So, let’s check the markets where you can find dozens of Props for a Basketball ACCA, Combo, or Bet Builder.

Players Points Over/Under in Basketball

BMB_Handicap_LineThe market is based on an individual player’s points performance during a Basketball game. For example, there’s a 31.5 line for Luka Doncic points before the Dallas Mavericks vs Memphis Grizzlies first tip-off.

Suppose he will score Over 31.5, the odds are 1.86 (-116). The payout is equal for the Under 31.5 option, and the VIG ranges near 7.5%, as you can check in our Bet Calculators.

Rebounds Over/Under

BMB_Handicap_LineYou can also place Basketball Prop bets on a player’s total performance with an Over/Under line set for rebounds. Suppose that for the Boston Celtics vs Washington Wizards NBA game, Jrue Holiday’s line is 4.5. The offered odds are 1.76 (-132) for the Under option and 2.00 (+100) for the probability of getting more than 5 pieces.

Assists Over/Under

BMB_Handicap_LineOne of the different statistic categories you can place Basketball player Props refers to assists. So, you have to choose whether the relevant number of this game-related stat will go Over or Under for Maodo Lo before the Armani Milan vs Maccabi Tel Aviv Euroleague showdown. The line is 2.5, while the prices are 1.95 (-105) for Over 2.5 and 1.80 (-125) for Under.

Total Three-Point Shot Scored Over/Under

BMB_Handicap_LineThe Total Player Threes Made remains a popular way to wager on Basketball games. For instance, for the Armani Milan vs Maccabi Tel Aviv, the line for Nikola Mirotic is 2.5. If he makes 3 or more, the odds for the Over option are 2.30 (+130). Conversely, the Under 2.5 pays 1.62 (-161).

Points + Rebounds + Assists Over/Under

BMB_Handicap_LineThe most common types of Basketball Prop bets are the wagers that revolve around points, rebounds and assists combined. For the New Orleans vs Golden State Warriors NBA clash, the line for Herbert Jones is 16.5. If the sum of points, rebounds, and assists is higher, the Over option pays 1.83 (-120); otherwise, the Under 16.5 will win at 1.90 (-111).

Points + Rebounds Over/Under

BMB_Handicap_LineFor elite players, you can find competitive line betting on this Prop. The line for Mikal Bridges is 30.5 before the start of the Brooklyn Nets vs Charlotte Hornets game in our NBA predictions for today. If his points scored and the number of rebounds sum is higher than the line, the Over option pays 1.86 (-116), the same odds as the Under 30.5.

Points + Assists Over/Under

BMB_Handicap_LinePoints plus assists is one of the popular types of Basketball player Props, set as Over/Under lines. That means players have to choose whether a favourable player will overcome the line or not. For example, a proposition wager for Stephen Curry is Over 32.5 (1.86) / Under 32.5 (1.86). If his sum of points and assists exceeds the offered line, the Over option wins.

Rebounds + Assists Over/Under

BMB_Handicap_LineIn all Basketball Prop bets, you should check to shop the correct odds, as every rebound or assist can count in your favour, not against you. Before the Chicago Bulls vs Indiana Pacers game, the line for Zach LaVine is 7.5. The Over option pays 1.74 (-135); conversely, if his sum of rebounds and assists is 7 or less, the Under wins at 2.05 (+105).

Double Double/Triple Double Yes/No

BMB_Handicap_LineDouble Double and Triple Double betting is based on the players’ ability to post double digits in two or, respectively, three main stat categories (points, assists, rebounds, blocks). The most common Basketball Double Double is for a player to score at least 10 points and receive at least 10 rebounds.

Undoubtedly, the odds for Basketball Prop bets on Triple Doubles are higher. Let’s take the example of Cleveland Cavaliers’ Evan Mobley. Before the Utah Jazz clash, his odds of achieving a Triple Double is 91.00 (+9000), while the possibility of making a Double Double pays 2.20 (+120).

What are Basketball Alternative Player Prop Bets

BMB_AlternativesIf you prefer wagering on how well an individual player performs rather than backing a team to win, Handicaps, or Totals, there are several alternatives for Props. Besides the Over/Under on how many points players can score or how many rebounds they can grab, the ranges on these stats offer additional picks on high odds.

Let’s examine the leading Basketball Alternative Player Prop bets by introducing the most popular options.

Players Total Points

BMB_Number_OneIn most bookies, there are nine options in the market; the ability of each player to score and the offensive stats determine the lines. For example, the lines for New York Knicks star player Julius Randle against the Cleveland Cavaliers are 17+ (1.50), 19+ (1.82), 21+ (2.25), 23+ (2.92), 25+ (3.85), 27+ (5.10), 29+ (6.90), 31+ (9.00), and 33+ (11.50).

Players Total Rebounds

BMB_Number_TwoMost teams consider rebounding a vital statistic for overall performance. Bookies usually offer six options for top rebounders and rarely four or eight. For San Antonio Spurs’ Devin Vassell, the lines against the Phoenix Suns are 3+ (1.23), 4+ (1.62), 5+ (2.35), 6+ (3.70), 7+ (6.10), and 8+ (9.75).

Players Total Assists

BMB_Number_ThreeIn a stat that shows the ability to create scoring opportunities and the passing and teamwork levels, the options are less. In most bookies, you can find four ranges regarding Basketball Alternative player Prop bets. For instance, these are the lines for Knicks’ RJ Barrett against the Cavs: 2+ (1.34), 3+ (2.07), 4+ (3.65), 5+ (6.90).

Players Total Three-Point Shots Scored

BMB_Number_FourBettors who analyze advanced stats to make successful Basketball Prop bets explore the updated table with the sharpest 3-point shooters. Especially in elite leagues like the NBA, you can find exceptional opportunities for the player with the most threes each season.

Taking Kevin Durant’s performance as an example for the Phoenix Suns vs San Antonio Spurs clash, the lines for his potential Total Three-Point Shots Scored are 1+ (1.08), 2+ (1.52), 3+ (2.60), 4+ (5.00).

Players Total Points, Rebounds, Assists

Number 5The combined Props are the most demanding, so consider all the critical factors for a player’s complete performance and place a winning wager. The critical part is to learn how to calculate Total Points in Basketball plus Rebounds and Assists on ranges offer nine alternatives in most bookies.

When it comes to an elite player like Durant, the lines are high: 43+ (1.53), 44+ (1.65), 45+ (1.78), 46+ (1.95), 47+ (2.15), 48+ (2.37), 49+ (2.62), 50+ (2.95), 51+ (3.30).

If you decide to risk money on these demanding Basketball Alternative Player Prop bets, remember that you can find in several bookies more accessible combined markets, such as Points + Assists and Rebounds + Assists.

What are Team Basketball Prop Bets

BMB_Technicalities SettingsIn addition to the players, Props deal with teams in Basketball, where there is a decent array of available markets. The most popular you can shop around are threes, like Match Total Three-Point Shots Scored. So, follow our analysis of the top Basketball Prop bets for teams and get the secondary markets’ list.

Team Total Three-Point Shots Scored: This is an Over/Under market in which you should predict whether the number of each team’s threes will be higher or lower than the offered line. Let’s take the KK Cedevita Olimpija vs BC Wolves Vilnius example.

The home team's line is 7.5, so if you bet on Over 7.5 at 1.95 (-105), KK Cedevita Olimpija should score 8 or more 3-pointers to secure your earnings. On the other hand, the Lithuanian team’s line is 10.5. Suppose you wager on Under at 1.80 (-125); they must score up to 9 threes to win your wager.

Τeam With Most Three-Pointers Scored: Most bookies have a 3-way market for predicting which team will score the most 3-pointers in a Basketball game. The odds set in the example above are KK Cedevita Olimpija at 4.05 (+305), BC Wolves Vilnius at 1.31 (-322), and the Draw at 9.50 (+850) if both teams score the same number of 3-pointers.

Some other alternatives of team props in Basketball include:

  • Team Total Points.
  • Team with the Highest-Scoring Period.
  • Team to Score the First Basket.
  • Team to Make a 4th Quarter Comeback Victory.
  • Team Blocks, Steals, Turnovers.

How to Build a Winning Basketball Prop Bets Strategy

BMB_Power IconThe home-court advantage or an extensive analysis of stats and injury news are factors for a winning Basketball betting strategy. However, Basketball Prop bets are demanding types due to their nature; the final result of a game doesn’t affect their outcome.

So, a considerable favourite may win or overcome a double-digit handicap, but the individual players’ or teams’ stats can simultaneously provide many selections and high odds. Do you want to make money from Props? Follow our advice and place winning wagers on teams’ points, players’ rebounds, etc.

Read a Full Statistic Coverage

BMB_StatsBasketball is a stat-based sport, so if you fully understand their impact on the game, you can profit from proposition bets. Main stats, like points scored, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals can boost your knowledge.

Meanwhile, you can enhance your winning chances by placing wagers based on good information. Furthermore, more advanced offensive and defensive ratings stats (e.g., points per hundred possessions or points allowed per hundred possessions) are valuable for team and Basketball player Props.

Find Teams/Players Motivation

BMB_Research IconEven the lowest-ranking teams in a league are motivated before every basketball game. Besides the stats, the home-court advantage, and the odds value, each team's and player's ambitions are essential for Props.

You should pay close attention to the MVP awards for a game or an entire season. Several elite players chase these honours, which motivates them and enhances their overall performances. Therefore, it’s worth tracking their stats and backing Basketball player Props.

Choose a Bookie with Value Props

BMB_Markets GenericBasketball betting is endless; that’s why all the bookies worldwide offer dozens of markets pre-game, in-play, and outrights. Besides the main markets, you should check some other parameters before you start wagering on Props.

The number of options and the odds are critical for your winning chances. First, you must secure less VIG for your wagers. Additionally, a top bookie must offer propositions for teams and Basketball Alternative player Prop bets.

Take Info about Injury/Bans News

BMB_ListTrustworthy sources of information are one of the most essential factors you should secure before wagering on Basketball. Especially for Props, if a player is questionable or in a controversial current form, you should avoid backing any bet on him, but firstly, you must know the info above.

The latest news may decide if the odds are in your favour, so it’s critical to know all about possible absences due to injuries or bans before you place Basketball Prop bets.

Can I Make Money from Basketball Prop Bets?

BMB_Book SpyUndoubtedly, Props are far more exhilarating than more common Basketball betting markets like Moneylines, Handicaps, and Totals. But the question is, “Are they profitable for bettors?” Initially, Basketball Prop bets aren’t connected with the final result, despite, in most cases, you should wait until the very end of a game to learn if your bet is a winner.

These types are for sharper, more experienced players who focus on stats and the latest news and examine factors that a casual one can’t. There’s no winning guarantee in betting; however, if you build your skills, you can find some winning consistency when betting on Props.

Our tailpiece for propositions includes our approach to making money by betting on them. However, to win more than you lose, you need the best possible odds, the lowest VIG, the most markets available, and the background to handle stat-based wagers.

Best Bookies for Basketball Proposition Bets

Q: Are Basketball Prop bets profitable?

If you are willing to perform advanced statistical analysis of Basketball teams and players, this bet type may suit your needs. However, before you place a Prop, check the market’s margin; for main proposition markets, like the Players’ Points, Assists, or Rebounds Over/Under, a VIG near 7% seems acceptable.

Q: What are the most popular Props in Basketball?

In Basketball, bettors can place Over/Under bets on the number of points players will score, the assists they will distribute, the rebounds they will grab, or the number of three-pointers they will make. These are the main markets for Props, but there are also Basketball Alternative player Prop bets and combined markets for Points + Assists, Assists + Blocks, etc.

Q: How do I choose Basketball Prop bets?

The main factor you should check before placing a Prop for Basketball is understanding the odds. Defining their value will help you to choose if the prices are in your favour. The research, involving stats and the latest news analysis, is critical to pick the right player or team and bet on their total points, assists, or rebounds.

Q: How to place a Basketball Prop Builder bet?

If you want to upgrade your status on a build mode in betting, chasing huge payouts, then a Prop Builder bet seems a good alternative. You can choose multiple Prop from the same or different Basketball games and make a wager built from Players’ Points Over/Under, Players’ Assists Over/Under, Total Teams’ Blocks, Steals, Turnovers, and other challenging selections.

Q: Where to bet proposition bets in Basketball?

A legal Basketball betting site is a suitable place to place your Prop bets safely. The value bonuses and daily promotions, the up-to-date odds for your bets, and the broad range of markets are some key factors that indicate where to invest your money in Prop betting. 1ΧBet and 22Bet are two of the most popular destinations if you chase high odds on Basketball and plenty of markets.

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