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How To Form An In-Play Cricket Betting Strategy

Live betting in cricket allows you to place wagers on a match after the first ball has been bowled. Unlike other sports, the pace is not very fast; especially in test matches, you will have plenty of time to think about your next bets. If you have not tried live wagering on the sport before, there is no need to worry.

On this page, we are going to show you how to create a profitable in-play cricket betting strategy. We will also offer valuable tips on what to look out for before staking your money. Is it better to follow favourites, or are dark horses the way to go? Let’s find out.

How to Build a Live Cricket Betting System & Win

BMB_Question MarkBefore going further into detail, it is best to start with the basics and analyse the first steps you need to take. When it comes to live cricket betting, you need to consider some specific aspects even before choosing which team to back. These are the following:

⏩ Choose the right cricket bookie: The problem with cricket is that not all bookmakers provide odds after the match has started. You need to find a site offering many in-play selections alongside competitive odds to maximise your earnings.

In addition, it is best to have multiple bookie accounts to take advantage of all the top competitions throughout the year. Finally, you should prefer sportsbooks where the live payout does not drop too much compared to pre-match. Below, you can see the top ones.

⏩ Watch the games live: Unlike basketball, where the action unfolds fast, there are times before a bowler plays when you have enough time to place your next wager. It is advisable to look for sportsbooks that provide Live Streaming services so you can both watch the game and bet simultaneously.

⏩ Don’t bet on every cricket market: Wagering on the coin toss, player specials, the method of first dismissal, etc., might sound exciting but will not benefit you in the long run. You should keep an archive of your past bets, see which ones have the highest success rate, and stick to these cricket betting markets.

⏩ Don’t chase huge upsets: Cricket is a sport where an underdog can gain a significant advantage, primarily due to the weather conditions. If the early disparity looks too challenging to overcome, it is better to stay away from backing a potential turnaround.

Expert Live Cricket Betting Tips

BMB_Book SpyConsiderable differences exist between cricket formats. The challenges you will face during live wagering are not always the same. For instance, a sudden change in weather can make or break your wagers.

Waiting for the absolute opportune moment and learning how to make the best of real-time stats will increase your chances. Feel free to check some of our expert cricket live betting tips below.

Choose the correct format

BMB_Cricket IconInternational cricket has three match formats: Test, One-Day Internationals, and Twenty20. The ODI and T20 forms are newer and were introduced to make the game faster. As a result, the pace is much quicker, and there are fewer in-play cricket betting opportunities.

On the other hand, the traditional Test format is played over the course of a maximum of five days. You can easily read a lot about the match analysis and make well-informed decisions comfortably.

Check real-time cricket stats

BMB_StatsStatistic analysis in cricket is two-fold. First, you can always check the pre-game stats, including recent form and history. However, these do not mean too much once the game starts, as the setting can be transformed completely.

After the first bowl, you should examine all individual bowler and batsman stats you can get your hands on. It will show you who is having a good game and who is struggling. Based on them, you can adjust your cricket live betting strategies.

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Wait for the biggest tournaments

BMB_TrophyIf you are looking to place in-play wagers on cricket, then the ideal situations are during the biggest tournaments, such as the Indian Premier League or the World Cup. The reason is that online bookmakers will provide a lot more market for you to exploit.

Besides betting on the eventual winner, you can take advantage of player specials and other exotic bets. Not only that, but most selections will come with alternative lines, and live streaming is more likely to be provided.

Check the cricket market load

BMB_BankrollIn simple terms, the market load is the public consensus. How much money is bet on every potential outcome, and how does that affect the cricket betting odds? Of course, in formats such as the ODI and T20, the shift is too fast and even pro bettors are not able to follow it completely.

However, test matches, where there is almost a day interval between the games, offer fantastic opportunities. Take the following example:

The score in the clash between England and India after Day 2 was 588 runs for England and 6 wickets for India. The odds in the evening stand as

1: 1.60 - 2: 2.40

However, a lot of people think that India will manage to turn things around and back them. This is why the odds before game 3 starts are

1: 1.90 - 2: 1.90

While that doesn’t mean that you should also back India to win, it is prudent to check what the general public thinks about the progress of the match.

Top 3 In-Play Cricket Betting Strategies

BMB_FavouriteYou should know that no single strategy works every time. However, some specific systems can dramatically increase your chances of winning. Below, we will analyse the top three methods you can use for live betting on cricket. You don’t have to follow them blindly, though. It is preferred to create a system that works better for you and yields more profits.

Betting Against the Next Batsman

BMB_Number_One First and foremost, you need to watch a game live if you want to engage in cricket live betting. Why? You will get a feel and see with your own eyes how each player performs. As the game moves forward, the handicap market will fluctuate. Most teams will field their strongest hitters early on to try and gain the upper hand.

After they are dismissed, if the match is still close, it is worth betting against a team that will field a mediocre batsman. Of course, the reverse is also true. If the upcoming bowlers are not up to the task, it is advisable to back the other team. 

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You must evaluate which opponent has the edge based on the remaining players. Note that this strategy is not suitable for beginners. It requires a lot of team performance experience, and the matches will usually be very close.

Betting After the Coin Toss

BMB_Number_TwoWhile winning the coin toss is unimportant in most sports, it can give a significant advantage in cricket. The captain who wins the toss gets to pick whether his team will bowl or bat first. His decision will be based on the current and upcoming pitch conditions. If the weather is clean, the batters will have an easier time hitting the ball because there will be less spin.

On the other hand, a wet surface means that the bowlers can get away wickets more easily. So, after the coin toss, you will still have time to place a bet. Once you know the lineups and which team will bowl first, you can choose the team that will have the advantage in the game.

Be especially vigilant of the weather forecast. If it shows terrible conditions in the next few hours, a game might be cancelled, resulting in a draw. With that in mind, always use the two-way market that includes the Super Over - just in case.

Use a Cricket Matched Betting Strategy

BMB_Number_ThreeThis strategy can be used in cricket and other sports. It always results in a win and guarantees a profit. You cover all possible scenarios in a match to ensure this. Imagine you placed a $10 bet with a bookmaker on Viv Richards, scoring over 99.5 runs in the first inning. The odds on that were 2.05.

After the game has started, you find that a different bookie offers the under-market at 2.01. By betting the same amount ($10), you will ensure that you will get some returns no matter how many runs he scores eventually. Of course, online sportsbooks do not make mistakes like that easily.

This is why a lot of players elect to use cricket betting offers. Furthermore, if you plan to follow this live strategy, you should know that sites do not approve of matched betting and might limit or close your account. Therefore, you need to make sure you are doing it without detection. 

Is Live Betting on Cricket Worth it?

Absolutely. Checking how a match progresses and making decisions based on the action on the floor is always a good idea. Of course, in-play wagering has both pros and cons when you do it on a desktop or via one of the top cricket betting apps.

On the one hand:

✔️ More time to make decisions compared to other sports
✔️ Easier to win as you follow the action
✔️ Ability to watch the games live on many online bookmakers

On the other hand:

X Not all bookies provide live odds on cricket
X The number of markets in less significant events is limited
X The cricket payout is below par on most sites

In any case, if you do not know where to start with in-play cricket betting, feel free to follow our tips above. Our experts have been in the industry for years and have a solid grasp of the sport. However, we always recommend trying your own strategies and evaluating what works best for you.

Do All Bookies Offer In-Play Cricket?

BMB_ListActually, no. Cricket is not so sought after compared to sports like football or basketball. Nonetheless, several bookmakers will provide multiple in-play opportunities. Below, you can locate a full list of the top sites. We have ranked them based on the number of in-play lines available, the payout, as well as whether they come with live streaming services.

Q: Is in-play cricket betting profitable?

It can absolutely be. The positive thing is that the action is not as fast compared to other sports, so you will have enough time to make informed decisions. Look for favourites who have fallen short in the beginning to turn things around.

Q: Which steps should I take before I start?

Before you start betting, there are several steps you can take to become profitable. First, check the real-time stats. Also, ensure you only place wagers on the format you are more successful in. Finally, it might be best to wait for the biggest tournaments. Bookmakers tend to offer more options for the most significant matches.

Q: What is the top live cricket betting strategy?

Well, not one strategy works 100% of the time. You should bet your systems based on what works best for you. However, backing a losing favourite is generally a good idea. Lesser teams might take an early advantage, but keeping it until the end is very tough.

Q: Do all online bookmakers offer in-play odds?

No. Cricket is not as widespread as other sports, especially in international bookmakers. While they all provide pre-match odds, some will not open the game for in-play wagering. Your best bet is to look for bookies that focus on the Indian market.

Q: Is it worth following live cricket betting tips?

Yes. Many tipsters have been working in the industry for a long time, can recognise the odds movement, and have a keen understanding of the potential matchups between batsmen and bowlers. Nonetheless, you should not follow all their predictions mindlessly. You should always conduct your own research.

Q: Can I watch the matches live?

Absolutely. All the top online bookmakers offer live streaming services, including cricket. You only need to pay attention to the requirements to access it. Some might demand a bet on the match, some an active account with a positive balance, and some provide LS for free.

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