UnionPay Betting Sites

Online betting has grown by leaps and bounds in Asia in the last few years and China is the epicenter of that trend. As the country’s primary debit/credit card institution, UnionPay allows gambling transactions and universal acceptance on Asian betting sites. UnionPay betting sites are also very popular in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

Founded in 2002, in Shanghai, it has grown to the largest card provider worldwide, ahead of Visa and Mastercard. UnionPay cards are accepted in ATMs in more than 160 countries and offer physical, mobile and online payments.

For making the most of your betting activity, we take a look at every aspect of betting with UnionPay like:

     ᐉ An updated (2023) list of UnionPay bookmakers

     ᐉ How to deposit and play to your favorite sportsbook

     ᐉ All the benefits and downsides of betting sites that take UnionPay

Best Betting Websites that Accept UnionPay

Several bookmakers have chosen to partner up with UnionPay. However, in the following shortlist, we have picked the top UnionPay betting sites that go the extra mile. They cover all the essential factors such as quick payouts, welcome bonus eligibility and low to zero fees.

How to Play on UnionPay Bookmakers

Betting on UnionPay bookmakers is straightforward and similar to playing with other popular credit/debit cards. Just follow the next simple steps:

  1. Visit your favorite UnionPay bookmaker and choose Deposit
  2. Select UnionPay
  3. Fill out the card details (number, exp. Date and CVV)
  4. Enter the amount
  5. Confirm the payment
  6. The funds will reflect instantly

When it comes to payouts, some betting sites have restricted the option. Therefore, you should check each bookie’s Terms beforehand so you are familiar with all withdrawal methods.

Benefits of betting websites that accept UnionPay

As the most prevalent payment option in China, UnionPay combines all the benefits of traditional credit/debit cards with cutting edge innovations. Welcome bonus eligibility, convenience and crypto availability are among the top traits of betting websites that take UnionPay.

✔ Universal acceptance at offshore bookmakers: It is tough to find an offshore bookie that does not accept UnionPay. This option’s market pool is huge; therefore, every betting site includes it as a banking method.

✔ Backed by the Big 4 Chinese banks: The largest banks in China (which happen to be the largest banks globally, too) are firmly behind UnionPay. That means that they offer know-how on reliability and innovations, so UnionPay is ahead of the curve.

✔ Instant deposits: No delays in deposits occur on UnionPay bookmakers, as they are processed instantly.

✔ Low fees in withdrawals: Payouts have very low fees and sometimes are free of charge. That varies to the bookmaker, but in general, the costs are insignificant.

✔ Expansion to many Asian betting websites: Apart from China, UnionPay has expanded to other Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea.

✔ Cryptocurrency acceptance: UnionPay has recently signed a deal with the payment provider Danal and will offer Cryptocurrency transactions shortly.

Downsides of betting sites that take UnionPay

The perfect payment method has yet to appear in the industry. Hence, betting with UnionPay has a few shortfalls that any player should be familiar with.

❌ Limited acceptance in European bookmakers: As UnionPay is a Chinese financial services corporation, European bookies are still reluctant to accept it. However, this might change in the future as the Asian betting market has vast untapped potential. Hence, European bookies will focus on Asia by integrating UnionPay as a payment method.

❌ Bank details do not remain private: Having a bank account is mandatory if you want to get a UnionPay card. Thus, your betting activity will be tracked by your bank and can be reported to authorities.

❌ Low deposits limits: Since UnionPay is a banking related method, the deposit limits are relatively low.

❌ Some bookies do not allow withdrawals: Betting websites that accept UnionPay might have restrictions on withdrawals. In that case, you should opt to take your winnings out with a different option. That comes down to the bookie’s terms, so make sure you have read them before playing.

We have seen all the pros and cons of UnionPay. It will be good for every bettor to know what are the alternatives payment methods and how they compare with UnionPay.

UnionPay compared to other methods

UnionPay is a notable payment method for bettors. Although, it is useful to have alternatives and to know how they match up with UnionPay.


skrillSkrill is a top choice for any bettor and a famous wallet that many bookmakers in many countries accept. Skrill bookies come with many benefits for the players. Under the radar betting activity, speedy transactions and top security levels are among the main edges. However, on most betting sites you can claim any bonus or offer. Also, users can hold a Skrill Prepaid Mastercard but it needs to pay €10 per year to keep it active.


ecopayzEcopayz is a wallet specializing in online betting. Allows fast deposits and withdrawals to players. Also, ecoPayz betting sites always give eligibility to claim a welcome bonus and any promotion. High rollers can take advantage of a VIP reward program. On the other hand, fees are higher than other wallets and card products are available only in EEA countries.

Google Pay

A new wallet launched by Google in 2018 is a good solution for many bettors. Fast and secure deposits and under the radar activity are among the main perks of Google Pay bookies. Withdrawal restrictions and limited availability on bookmakers are some of the shortcomings that may make bettors reconsider using it when betting online.

Where can I use UnionPay?

As the largest card provider globally, it is only normal that UnionPay expanded to other countries and territories than China. Today it is accepted in more than 160 countries, in multiple Asian betting sites, in ATMs and POS. On top of that, it cooperates with banks in several Asian countries, which issue UnionPay cards.

UnionPay in China

UnionPay in ChinaThe country that UnionPay launched in 2002 still serves as the primary market and dominates the payment sector. A joint project of the four largest Chinese banks has issued around 7 billion debit/credit cards. The total value of transactions amounts to $16 trillion and offers tailored services for online and mobile payments.

UnionPay in Singapore 

UnionPay in Singapore In cooperation with DBS Bank, Singaporeans can take advantage of the UnionPay benefits in more than 80% of merchants. On top of that, ATM acceptance is almost universal, with low withdrawal fees.

UnionPay in Philippines 

UnionPay in Philippines Since 2005, the two largest banks in the Philippines, BDO Unibank and the Philippine National Bank, have offered a UnionPay card. Moreover, 90% of ATMs allow for cash withdrawals in Peso. From shopping malls to restaurants and hotels, practically everyone accepts UnionPay cards and there are many websites that accept UnionPay.

UnionPay in Malaysia

UnionPay in MalaysiaAmBank and Public Bank issue UnionPay cards with several perks such as Diamond, Platinum memberships and reward points. Furthermore, ATM and merchant acceptance is general.

What is UnionPay Quickpass

What is UnionPay Quickpass 

Mobile and contactless payments are becoming the norm in everyday life. Therefore, the UnionPay app Quickpass, which allows payments with your smartphone, chip cards, or even your smartwatch. Launched initially in China, the service is now available to Canada, UAE, South Korea, and Australia.

All you need to benefit from Quickpass is a smartphone or smartwatch with an Android 4.4.2 or newer. If you are an iOS user, you need an iPhone 6 and above. Locate a POS terminal with a Quickpass sign and just wave your mobile device at it. That was all; payment is complete.

Is it worth betting with UnionPay

A final word on UnionPay bookmakers 

If you have visited any mall or hotel, it is highly likely that you have come across the UnionPay logo. Surpassing Visa and Mastercard in total payment value was a huge milestone and it speaks volumes for UnionPay’s worth. Despite the strict prohibition of gambling in China, players use it as the primary banking method in online betting. Moreover, it has expanded to many Asian betting sites.

All in all, UnionPay cards are a reliable banking option with wide acceptance in bookmakers, especially in China. Even if you bet on high-risk markets such as Kazakhstan, Thailand and Indonesia, Union Pay is a good option, particularly for recreational players. Due to its huge market capitalization it is more relaxed in betting restrictions, hence eligible for your next big wager. However, UnionPay online bookmakers in Europe are quite rare and that could turn away players.

Complete list of UnionPay bookies

Q: What is UnionPay?

It is a financial services corporation based in Shanghai, China. It provides debit/credit cards in China and several Asian countries. It is the largest payment card company in the world by payment value.

Q: Which are the best betting websites that accept UnionPay?

Top-ranked UnionPay online bookmakers include 22bet, Pinnacle and Sportempire. They provide fast payouts, low fees and top security features.

Q: Can I withdraw with UnionPay?

Some betting websites that accept UnionPay have restricted the withdrawal option. That varies to the bookie; thus, you should check the Terms and Conditions.

Q: Does UnionPay accept crypto?

In 2020 UnionPay partnered up with Danal, a South Korean Crypto payment provider. Later in the year, it is set to offer Cryptocurrency services, such as owning and paying.

Q: How can I contact UnionPay?

You can visit the Help Center or call at 00 800 8009 5516 (available 24/7).

Q: Can I use UnionPay in the USA?

Yes, UnionPay can be used all across the USA. Multiple local merchants and online shops accept transactions through it. Moreover, the UnionPay card is acceptable in many offshore bookies and betting sites operating in the USA.

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